The Thinkers Mind

Listen!!! I will share with you some wise sayings as I have studied on it and can relate it to my life. I’ll want you to study them carefully to understand the message in it and you’ll be glad if you can remember them always as you go about your daily life.

10 of my deepest thoughts after my experiences which led me to research deep and I am willing to share freely with you all.


If you have the chance to choose between a good reputation and great wealth, I put it to you, a good reputation is greater than wealth.

Everyone is offered this choice at some point in time directly or indirectly and I tell you a lot have been so engrossed in making “That Money” because they believe that’s what will earn them the reputation they desire. In reality, reverse is the case. A good reputation will earn you great wealth. Place your focus on doing the best you can, trust God, obey him, be humble, Have a life and you’ll get all the riches,wealth,good reputation, honor and most importantly a long life and a life worth living.


Planning is the first step to execution: a great number of us have excellent ideas and we all have this picture in our head that is going to Flourish or BLOW as we’ll have it over here. Yes it is good we picture our idea come to reality and not only that, Flourish. But most get carried away by the big picture and forget the first and fundamental step to achieving what we see in the big picture ” PLANNING”, along the line we begin to see things going the opposite direction and most get caged/trapped at that point. Why? Because we didn’t plan.

Let me give an example

Mr Ayo Comes up with a business idea to start up restaurant. Mr Ayo after lot of thinking feels the new venture will be an avenue for wealth creation immediately pumps in money to set up the restaurant and after its all set up, the restaurant is open for business. The new venture is doing fine for a period and Mr Ayo is convinced that he’s made a right decisions suddenly things begin to take the down turn. Mr Ayo begins to feel the effect of his business downturn and is worried and suddenly feels like closing the outlet after all is done and proves abortive to restore the business back to its original state.

Do you know what happened there? No? I’ll explain it to you.

Mr Ayo has an idea of a business and thought to himself: ” I have the money to set up the business why don’t I just start it”. Mistake!!! He missed a fundamental step which came back later to haunt him. He didn’t carry out a feasibility study. He had no target market. He had no Vision but rather he just had a mission to create wealth. And what happened in the end, he lost it all because he missed a basic but major step. That was the end of Mr Ayo’s Restaurant business.

Majority have the idea of what they want their life to be like. They want to achieve greatness in life but forget to have a plan. Living a life without a plan is like a general going to battle without a plan against the enemies. It’s a lost battle already before it began. But if you plan carefully and move in line with the plan, you’ll flourish and have in abundance but if you act too quickly, you’ll never have enough.


The voice of the needy

I see a couple of people or better I put it this way: The world today, the things I see makes my heart bleed in pity. I see fortunate people who are not fortunate enough in their thinking to stretch out a helping hand to the less privilege.

Many wealthy/ Rich people today only want to flaunt their money in the faces of the needy so they can be worshiped or with the aim of oppressing the needy. What baffles me even more are the ones who came out of being UNFORTUNATE to being FORTUNATE even oppress the unfortunate. All they just want to do is show off.


We were never created to live this way. Many forget this “ We Rise By Lifting Others “ a famous quote I took from Davido.

Note: if you refuse to listen to the cry of the poor for help, your own cry for help will not be heard.


A kind person is a wealthy person. Be good to people, be kind to people, lend a helping hand. Whenever you can, put a smile on a face or two and a long and happy life awaits you.

In all form of showing an act of kindness, remember to be honest with your kindness. Many will be envious of you as you do these things, some will criticize you, some will never appreciate you and in the process cause you hurt. Remember Jesus Christ the most cheerful giver was hurt, brutalized and crucified for doing nothing asides being kind and honest. These things will happen to you in the process because you share the body of Christ and you should never give up because Others will respect you and treat you fairly and not necessarily the ones you do it for.


If you want to stay out of trouble, be careful of what you say.

Times come where you believe expressing your opinion about a situation is the best thing to do and you tend to say somethings in order to get your point heard. It might be a wrong move in most cases as we have toxic people who would rather ignore the message you passing across and decide to hold on to the manner at which the message was passed across. In situations like this, you just grab a bottle of water and mind your business. Why? If you want to stay out of trouble, be careful what you say.


Many times we find ourselves stuck in situations where things fold up right before our eyes or things go from good to sour and suddenly confusion sets in and we begin cracking our selves to arrive at a possible solution to the problem forgetting there might be just something minor but important causing the problems. Have you ever thought about asking if you have done wrong to your creator and you just need to talk to him and understand what he really wants so you can act upon and maybe that might turn things around for good?

Human wisdom, Brilliance, Insight are of no help if the Lord is against you. You can prepare so well for a battle ahead but remember this: IT IS THE LORD WHO GIVES TOTAL VICTORY.


You should avoid Toxic, arrogant people. Stay clear away from them but be wise enough to learn from their flaws so you don’t fall victim and you can be able to deal with such people when the need arises. When you do this, you’ll realize there will be no more arguments, quarreling or calling of names. You’ll see the difference in your life.


I’ll be very precise and direct with this one

• A lazy person has no aim

• A lazy person is one who waits for an entitlement while others are making a life for themselves

• A lazy person stays at home, he says: A lion might eat him up if he goes outside

• A lazy person has no future

Quit being lazy and Avoid procrastinating, it destroys a man.


As @kizzdaniel song goes “no go dey do pass yourself” which means: Never bite more than you can chew.

Cut your coat according to your material available. Set a lane for yourself to follow and avoid trying to be like someone else because you aren’t someone else rather you are yourself.

Note: Never move and old boundary mark that your ancestors established. Mind your business and stay in your lane. You’ll never regret it.


I’ll leave you all to your understanding of this and hopefully you can relate your understanding in the comment section then I’ll reply with mine.

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4 thoughts on “The Thinkers Mind

  1. Aptly put, well thought out, and great advice. Follow in the footsteps of God, live by his way and you cannot go wrong. Mind your own business, staying in your own lane, beware of gossip and steer clear of it. It is most definitely better to have a good reputation, be a good person than to be wealthy. Focusing on being good and having a good reputation will earn you wealth and are true wealth, especially if sales are involved as a good reputation and word of mouth advertising are two of the best things that you can have.
    Planning for a new business and doing due diligence, including market and feasibility studies beforehand is the best advice that can be given for those who are thinking about starting a business of their own.
    Kindness is the true wealth. Being kind to others and following the example given by our Lord. Walking the talk, taking care with what you say and to whom as everyone is fighting a battle, everyone has problems and issues of their own that most have no idea about so kindness is truly key.
    Letting the Lord know what situation you are in and asking Him for guidance is tantamount in importance. Speaking with God and listening to Him then acting upon what He has planned for you will surely turn whatever situation you are in around.
    Being rid of those toxic people that seem to invade and pop up in our lives is so important. Not just for one’s health but for one’s happiness.
    Laziness is most definitely a serious issue. A person who is lazy and unproductive truly has no future and also does not contribute to society as well.

    These are just some of the thoughts and interpretations that I had from this, that I was able to take from this. It’s inspiring to say the least.

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