Achieving Success through Cultivation of positive habits

Having read many books that talk on success and also from my personal research on ways to achieving success and understating what achieving success entails, I came across a few things and out of the few I will love to share with you a particular one “HABITS”.

As basic as it might sound to you so it is important in achieving success. Many of us pay little or no attention to this fundamental and important step to success.


A habit is a trait that is exhibited by an individual subconsciously which develops over a period as a result of constant practice ( it can be a positive habit or a negative habit). This article will shed more light on the positive habits to be cultivated in achieving success. The road to success is not an easy road. In fact the road to success is another life lesson on its owns. You encounter a lot along the line but you have to be prepared, you have to have a direction, you can’t attain a position of success without being ready for the challenges that come with it. The habits you cultivate positively will create a solid foundation for you on through your success journey.

Positive habits that make Successful people

Listed below are habits cultivated by individuals who are successful and also can serve as a guiding step for you to achieve success. I’ll call this one: Steps to success.

Read them carefully as I have taken my time to summarize it to enable understandability amongst readers.


Be Proactive:

To be successful, you need to be proactive. It’s the the first step you need to create that change for yourself rather than complaining or reacting to changes. To be proactive means to get things (ACTION).

Cultivating this habit requires you to act in advance to a future situation rather than waiting on it to happen and then react.

To be successful, you have to be proactive. You have to take charge of your life . You need to be responsible for your life.

You need a MISSION/GOAL for your life.


Be aware and cautious of your dream

To be aware of your dream is to keep your dream in mind and by keeping your dream in mind, you are setting your goals and objectives. You are understanding them thoroughly and also you are defining it proper and clearly so as to enable you move in line with your dream.

No one will ever understand your dream. Conquer it anyway!!!


Set your priorities straight

In achieving success, you need to cultivate this particular habit. You need to learn to set your priorities right and straight. You need to be above distractions.

Everything in life has its timing and purpose and as an individual aiming for success, you must have your own timing for different purpose set.

I’ll share with you 4 basic steps to setting priorities right.

Be Precise

Identify your goals clearly, determine them accordingly to their level of importance

Make good use of time

In setting your priorities, be cautious of the importance of timing. You and time need to be best of friends because he’s the most valuable friend you need to have in achieving your goal. Avoid placing focus on goals that will run against time and eventually waste your time. Focus on the important one and work with time.

Rank in order of importance

Choose your friends wisely. In order of importance rank your desired goals from most important to least important. Measure them based on what your initial sense of fulfillment lies upon.

Start Now

Arise and start now! Starting is a very important step in achieving success. Once you have fulfilled the first 3 important steps, begin working on them. Avoid procrastination. Procrastination kills dreams. The more you procrastinate the more difficult it is to achieve success. Completing these steps and I tell you surely you are on the right path to success.


Think Win-Win

In achieving success, you must cultivate and develop a positive mindset towards your dream and your method in achieving.

Note: you can’t be successful if you are in doubt about your dream and also you cannot achieve your dream if you are in doubt on your method of achieving. Goals aren’t driven by skeptical minds as it yelled nothing but a futile result.

Be positive! Stay positive! Think positive! And you’ll see yourself winning.


Be a team player

There’s a particular saying that keeps me going and I’ll share with you. It goes this : “Move alone and you’ll see yourself moving fast but move with the right team and you’ll see yourself moving faster and farther”. No man is an island as we all need the right people who share the same vision as us to work together with. You have to cultivate the habit of teaming up with People with similar drive and objective as you. Team play is a very important part of success . You have to build the right team around you.

As a team player, you have to take the following into consideration and action:

• You must be responsible and reliable

• You must be an active listener

• You must respect and support the opinion of others

• You must show commitment towards achieving the dream. You have to be desecrated to the goal and your team as well

• You must be flexible. Two heads are better than one

Work together as a team and achieve together as a team.


Refresh your mind

Be renewed. Be willing to learn, be exposed and open to creative ideas that are in line with the dream. Be happy. It is a very essential habit of successful people.

Refresh your mind,delete all your problems, undo all your mistakes, and save the happy moments

Stay happy 🦅

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An Entrepreneur by passion, A hyperrealist by nature and writer by choice. Welcome 💯

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  1. So many valid, instructive, points about success and what it takes to be successful. Brilliant, well thought out and thought provoking. 🔥🧠

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