We are led by a visually impaired government and corruption is already become the National pledge of the nation. The deeds of our so called heroes past are looking over the nation and gradually destroying all about Nigeria.

Below are my thoughts on the state of common issues that are being ignored by the government and the need for this pressing issues to be fixed.



– welfare of citizens

– basic amenities

– good road/ transport system

– realistic paycheck for citizens

– proper housing system

– Conduction of proper census and provision of SSN for citizens so as to be able to access loans without hassle and the government can keep proper track of its citizens and their welfare.

The basic issues are meant to be addressed and attended to before we can think of tackling major issues.

I’ll be taking this post ” sub topic for subtopic ” but for this post I’ll be summarizing my thoughts before breaking them further in the next posts.

Nigeria will be in so much trouble and we wouldn’t be able to get ourselves out of if we don’t stand up for truth and justice. Our politicians and leaders have seen politics as an avenue to gain material wealth and loot government/ tax payers money all in the name of leadership. They totally forget the reason why they are elected to their various political offices and chase their personal selfish Desiree’s. When they need to get to a position , they bribe their way through the hearts of unsuspecting and ignorant Nigerians who are also greedy people. I do not blame them at all rather I will blame the government and it’s un-existing policy that gives these helpless citizens a benefit for casting their votes and putting these people in their positions but N4,000 pre election give away. They know the people are gullible and they always find a way to use them in their favor and hurt them when they attain their desired positions.

Interested in this post? Please comment and stay connected for the next post. I promise you it’s going to be detailed and worth your time.

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