Nigeria a Failed State

Things are falling apart”. We are led by a visually impaired government and corruption is the pledge of this great Nation. The deeds of our so called heroes past are looming over and gradually destroying all about this Nation ( Nigeria ) as a whole.

I’ll be writing this article in 2 parts. The first part “Part 1” is a general summary on the present state of the Nations governance and policy while “Part 2” highlights the various problems the Nigerian people are faced with and the government is doing nothing or providing no policies to safeguard the welfare of its citizens. And I’ll be rounding it off with what I’ll call my personal opinion on how the government can run its affairs as well as ensure the welfare of the citizens are safeguarded.


Politics in Nigeria has been seen as a platform or an avenue to be rich. They have seen it as a way to amass material wealth and loot government funds ( citizens/taxpayers money ) and also a way to stay immune from the wrath of the law. Many have used their political seats to engage in various criminal and fraudulent acts but aren’t immune to the law all in the name of being our leaders. Nigerian politics is a game of do or die and it’s  been coming right from pre inference till after independence and it’s now become worse and sadly, the story isn’t changing anytime soon. why? We are not even ready for the change ourselves. growing up as a child, i was used to this then Bournvita advertisement that says in the end ” drink for future leaders of tomorrow” now the future leaders are grown and yet we still have our heroes past leading the future leaders into the future. how crazy does that sound? its no longer news that even some of the future leaders have sold out their future for a little change in exchange. how exactly can we move this nation forward the CORRUPTION and NEPOTISM is our watchword or let me say NATIONAL PLEDGE.

  • a country where the state of power is gradually derailing. we can’t have 24/7 power supply because Jubaili bros and Mikano will most likely be out of business.
  • a country where our government still prefers the use of foreign automobiles rather than investing so much in the locally made Innoson Motors so fast to reduce the level of importation of automobiles into the country and in return invest and promote the locally made brand.
  • a government that can conduct a proper census so as to ascertain how many we are as Nigerians lying in Nigeria.
  • a government that can’t have a database where by every single person born or coming in and out the country is monitored on a central system.
  • a government that approves N30,000 as minimum wage but are crying about minor deductions from their wages in Millions of Naira monthly.
  • a Government that still believe in ballot snatching and violence in a modern democratic era? is that a government ?
  • a country where the law enforcers are going totally against what they are to uphold and enforce?
  • a country where citizens have no acres to standard living and provisional healthcare and insurance? is that not a failed state?

if i am to continue, i promise you there are so m any things to touch. the real question here is this, from the little i have stated o here, can’t we all see we have a long way to go.







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