In our world today, we’ll discover that we have a very large population of people who actualy belie within themselves that they are being their own person and sincerely, theres absoultuely nothing wrong with feeling that feeling but is that feeling the truth ?? have we actualy sat down to ask ouselves if sincerely we are truly being ourselves or we are living the life of others.

Isiah: 49 makes us see and truly know that God created you just perfect enough for you and in his eyes and if you truly believe and work in accordance to his will and desire, you’ll begin to see thr manifestation of his promise in your life. We live in a world filled with various trends and i can say as a result of this, majority have lost a grip of themselves or thier lives purpose because they want to live the life of these people they feel they look up to. We are guilty of guilt tripping ourselves into believing because we arent living the life we see and admire so much, then God is being unfair. Majortiy aren’t even happy that they have the grace of life and everyday to do better towards fulfilling their purpose in life. We all have this sense of entitlement and it becomes very irritating when things dont tend to work out in our favor.

God is the creator of everyman and each and everyone of us is brougt into this world to fulfil a purpose but many can’t even take the time to discove themselves, improve on thmselves and bettering themselves in other to make Gods purpose a fulfilment in their lives. Many of us don’t even take the time to understand we probably have a better life comapred to those we desperately try to emulate but because we are carried away by what we see, we are gullible enough to just believe all is well. There’s time and purpose for everything ( this is a major phrase i personally attached to the tablet of my heart and im grateful for the grace ). What you go through presently has been put purposely before you to shape you and prepare you towards fulfiling your purpose and living the life you dream of. The reality of it all is you needing to sit down, talk to yourself, discover yourself and ask yourself who you truly are and what exactly your purpose for existence is. Stay connected with God ( i’m sincerely on this path and its beautiful ), stay in tune with your objective in life and remember for sure that God is the ultimate architect and he possesses the masterplan of everyones life. You need to get connected to God to be able to reach your peak.

God is never going to put a problem he knows fully well you cant overcome before you, he just needs you to put your trust in him and work truly and then watch him do the rest. Dont be carried away  by the luxury and beauty of this vain world. Many didnt acquire genuine wealth and their judgement lies with God. Stay true to yourself, make mistakes as you defintely need to make mistakes to be able to arrive at a right decision.

The Wide Road is too Occupied by people who have no direction but are defintely ready to pull you down. Take the Narrow road with less people and much space and room to make mistakes without being under any pressure and also enough room to realise your mistakes and make corrections. Believe in yourself, learn from people who are better to make the best out of you.



Published by Theayosoyemi’s Diary

An Entrepreneur by passion, A hyperrealist by nature and writer by choice. Welcome 💯


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